Here you will be motivated and inspired as you learn how to create and live a freedom lifestyle by cultivating your energy, and enthusiasm to build a great and meaningful life through leveraging the power of the internet and technology to make passive and residual income.

Growing up we had some big and wonderful dreams, some of which were quickly pushed aside by parents who thought our dreams were too big for us and they wouldn’t come through in an effort to protect us from being failers. They themselves succumbed to the pressure of society and didn’t make their own dreams come through either.

They tell us that in order to be successful in life we have to go to school, study hard get a degree so you can get a good job then work your feet off to climb your way to the top. Pay the bills, retire and then die. WHAT! Who invented this? Some of us may not have gotten a degree but still believed in this concept and we do it without even thinking. But should we really think about it, this is madness, total madness. Some of us even work two, three and four jobs, in order to get by which can be very stressful. I know this for a fact because I’ve been there.

And this is what society tells us to do unfortunately, most of us think it’s okay. And sadly never had the inclination or maybe never got any exposure and information that there could be another way, and life doesn’t have to be like this. 
And ultimately, ending up living our lives in this box of society ‘rules’.

By going to a job or jobs that probably doesn’t bring any meaning or value to our lives and we hate doing it. But because it pays the bills and provides a living for you and your family you stay in this job year after year.

Most of us are guilty of doing this. Right? After all, this is what they told us to do, we all grew up seeing our parents doing it, our neighbors, our parent’s friends, our relatives, our grandparents. They all did it, they never knew any better so they couldn’t do or teach us any better. ( maybe they did but didn’t dare to challenge themselves). Therefore we were socialized in this belief, it’s engraved in our DNA…… But this my friend is a recipe for disaster.

Guess what?

That 40- 40 plan is long over. Yes, it is! There’s no such thing as job security. The days of working a job or jobs for thirty to fourth years and waiting to retire with a gold pin and then try to enjoy your life is not cutting it anymore. We do not need to torture ourselves like this when there is a better way. Staying in a job where you are just miserable, so miserable having to wait once per year to get vacation time, hate Mondays and love Fridays having that TGIF syndrome. plus you have to ask for permission to spend time with your family, to do the things you enjoy and love doing, constantly missing out on those special moments and never truly being happy with your life. This is ridiculous and is about time we wake up and smell the roses.

I mean! Who invented this rule? That we’re supposed to live our life like this. Even if you are miserable and hate your job, it’s okay? Because it pays the bills! Oh, come on What about living, LIVING a happy life, what about striving not surviving, what about living to work not working to live. It takes so much away from us when choose to go down this path.

There is a Better Way

I too have lived most of my life with this concept but I have now come to the realization that there is a better way than what society, our parents, our friends or our relatives tell to do or deems acceptable. I quickly realize that technology was taking over the world, so I adopted and educate myself because this will give me the opportunity of earning a living by working completely online. Also, I became apart of a community of like-minded individuals who as help me in every step of the way and show me that it is possible to live the life of my dreams and I can be in business for myself but not by myself.

Therefore I am now able to create a lifestyle of flexible, geographical and time freedom, not trading all my time for money and the amount of income I earn doesn’t necessarily reflex the number of hours I put in. Having control over my time is so liberating and is truly the essence of what a lifestyle business is all about.

For these reasons, I chose a lifestyle business because it gives me the opportunity of being in control of my life and also offer me a plethora skills that will enhance my assets and put me in a position where I can help others.

Some Of The Benefits Of Living A Freedom Lifestyle

Geographical Freedom

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world and still making an income. Because you have a freedom lifestyle, therefore, you are not restricted in any way because you have leveraged the online market, therefore, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection and you can always choose your next destination.

Girl choosing her next destination