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Hi there, welcome it's wonderful to have you here!

I'm Naomi Wilson and this Khalif my little Prince...

Thanks! for being here, we have created something special just for you. So, enjoying looking around you definitely find something with your name on it!  We’re all about helping you create the life you want to live through our blog content, resources, tips and tricks. So, you can build your own successful online business.  

 Are you ready?

I’m a devoted mom and a online business strategies who is Deeply Passionate about living my dreams and helping you do the same. I strongly belief in the concept of living your best life and we all deserve to be happy, fulfilled and  love what we do so, it’s effortless and it doesn’t feel like work.

and if there's one thing I know about you, it's this:

"You deserve to live an extraordinary life, filled with freedom of being in control of your life, The fulfillment of loving what you do & joy in spending Quality time with your love ones."

Unfulfilled, stuck, anxious, unhappy, no meaning, no purpose, no time for myself and my family, finding it difficult to be the mom my son deserve, because I was overworked, exhausted, drained and unable to enjoy any aspect of my life, (just a short summary of my life 2 years ago).

Ever since I know myself all I’ve ever really wanted was freedom, freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I wanted and live life on my own Terms.  I remembered growing-up I just couldn’t wait to become an adult so I can call the shots and do whatever I want, whenever I want, I really thought that’s what all grown-ups do, right! So I told myself as soon as I am grown , have a job and my own place I will be able to do just that.

Boy oh, boy, to my surprise I was in a for rude awakening.

So here I am adult me with a job and my own place but it’s not what I thought life would be. I’m stuck in job I don’t like and I feel like my life belongs to my employer. I am working my butt-off building someone else dreams. Barely have time to take care of myself so, not eating or resting properly therefore my health was deteriorating. Missing out on quality with my son. And, now I want to be a child again but it’s too late, (who would I’ve thought, lol).

So, I know what it feels like to be trap in a job you don’t even like doing but too scared and anxious to quit because your’re tied down with so my many obligations.

I know what it feels like to crave more time for myself and to spend  with my love ones and want to make the choice to focus on what’s important but too scared to step outside my comfort zone.

I know what it’s like to be stuck, unfulfilled and disconnected…and afraid the years will pass by while your dreams slip further away.

And I definitely knows what it feels like to want more for your life and freedom to live on my own terms, but it seems theirs no hope.

Having to wait once per year for a two weeks vacation that you most likely won’t even enjoy because either you wouldn’t afford to go on a real vacation or even if you did manage to pay for it, your’re too tired to really enjoy yourself. Then, after vacation back to work and working twice as hard to catch up on the bills. 

I have been there, done that and ain’t no going back. So it’s my life purpose to help you live the life you want and deserve.  

I got to the point where I was sick and tired of the way my life was going and desperately needed a change.

I started searching and exploring ways in which I could change my life and be happy. Because we all deserve to live a life we love, enjoy and have fulfillment in what we do .

I started to immerse myself into personal development, (which as been one of the most fundamental aspect of me transforming my life).

“Because whatever you belief, you create”.

This really help to motivate and inspire me, I started belief in myself and that there’s hope despise all the stress and frustration I was going through.  

So, after going through one of the most fundamental stage of my transformation. I now had to find an actual, practical way of changing my life.

The Search Continued

Finally I came across and became apart of an incredible online  community of like-minded entrepreneurs, who offer me the opportunity to work on and achieve my dreams. 

I must admit I was skeptical at first, but I followed my heart and took a leap of faith and was absolutely amazed with what I saw. The content, the value was nothing like I’ve seen or heard before. It was real information that made sense and for a ‘newbie’ I didn’t felt like I was trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

I immerse myself into proper online business education, the training  is structured step-by-step, therefore I was able to work through the stages and not get overwhelmed.

I’m extremely happy with my decision, I’ve never had to look back… not even once. I found my first mentor in this community and  was surrounded by like-minded individuals who never hesitate to support, encourage and give a helping hand when needed and not to mention the many virtual hugs.

It’s taken hard work, persistence, consistency,courage and unwavering belief in myself…But it has truly been the best decision I have made ever.

Throughout my journey, I came across roadblocks, challenges and very steep learning curve. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone many, many times but have reaped the rewards a hundred fold. 

And Now

My work with Wilson Lifestyle and Freedom and the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) motivates and inspire me everyday- and it empowers countless women from all over the world to go after their dreams and live the life they deserve.

The Woman who's ready to Unleash her GREATNESS and live her BEST Life will give herself PERMISSION to do just that knowing only HER as the POWER to GRANT it!