Truth-Bomb! Trading Your Time For Money Won’t Let You Create the Life You Want.


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The old traditional path that is clearly failing us, but, still we're being told to going into it. Coming from that world of physical work and long hours to the point of being burnt out, we can all relate to wanting a better life without having to trade time for money.

By the time you finish reading this, you will understand why trading your time for money is not the way to go if you genuinely want to live a lifestyle of fulfillment, passion and the freedom of being in control of how you live your life

Growing up, they lied to us, we were sold the misconception that in order be successful and to live a happy life we have to trade our time for money by following the traditional career path.

Which leads us to make decisions based on someone else idea. Therefore, choosing career’s and jobs we don’t really want to do.

Over time, you start to feel trapped in a job working 40-70 hours per week, going into the office early, staying late, even on the weekends, taking home projects, be available to cover if someone else is out.

Working very hard in hopes of getting that promotion you were promise, even to the point of sacrificing your live, your dreams and your family.
Waiting once per year for a two weeks vacation, you probably can’t even afford to take.

With a broken system like this will you will never be able to create the life you want.
But, only enough money just to get by and hopefully saving enough to retired at age 65 so you can whither away until you die.

I really don’t know who the invented this system, and why there’s such a rule that we must sell our time for money? This is ridiculous and is one of society biggest hoaxes and this system is failing us and our family.


7 Negative Impact on Your Life When Trading Time for Money

  1. Your Income Is Limited by Time
    Let face it, there’s only have 24 hours in a day and we all have that same time available to us. Therefore When you have to trade time for money the potential to earn is always limited.

    On average most of us need six to eight hours for sleep, two hours commute to and from work and two to fours hours to cook, eat, tend to hygiene matters, relax spend time with family and friends.

    That leaves us with 10 to 12 hours to trade in for income. That’s it; but the reality is no matter how much your time is worth to your organization: $20, $30, $40, $50 there will always be a cap imposed here: TIME.

  2. Higher Taxes
    Another reason for the limits on income is that the more and more we make, the more we lose. Employee income is the most heavily taxed income, therefore the more you earn the more taxes you pay. Compare to the flat rate of 19% percent for a Business Owner. Which means that when someone goes from making 50,000 to 80,000 because of a promotion, it doesn’t actually means that they are making 30,000 more.


  3. Health 
    Health consequences from weight gain or illness due to a compromised immune system, including heart disease, mental health was the biggest shocker, such as; mild depression, stress, and anxiety. Studies from Health Affairs linked workplace woes to a shorter lifespan. A shorter lifespan? WOW! I couldn’t believe it.
    Do what we dislike and have shorter life because of it – why should anyone up for that.

  4. Personal Life
    If you are unhappy at work it leads to unhappiness at home. Negativity spreads. It affects your loved ones, and can even cause your sex life to suffer.

  5. Low Motivation & Lack Passion
    If you are unfulfilled at work you are doing less, period. this makes feeling accomplished and getting promoted harder. Studies show if you love what you do, you will work harder because it doesn’t feels like work.

  6. Low Confidence & Self Worth
    Think about spending most of  your time doing something that doesn’t make you feel alive. When you are not performing at your full potential, that will slowly become the norm and you’ll begin to feel unworthy overall because you don’t value what you do.
    This will eat at your confidence and self worth. Ouch…


  7. Dream Killer
    Dreams are what life is about. Doing what you love and truly being happy is really what life is about. However, a 9-5 rob you of the joy of living your dreams. But, here is guarantee: nothing changes until something changes. Purse your dreams because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

If you’re unhappy at your job, you’re probably experienced many or even all of the suffering listed above. 

It is for this exact reason why Gallup did a study called “The World’s Broken Workplace” showing that 85% of people hate their jobs. This is very alarming, majority of the world’s working population aren’t  engaged and hate their jobs

The Best Way To Stop The Suffering Is by Taking Control

I truly believe in order for things to change each and everyone has to take responsibility for his/her destiny, the best way to do this is by being your own boss, following dreams and upgrading your skills through life long learning.

The internet has changed the way our world operation... Period!!

We now operation in two economies. The Traditional Economy and The Digital Economy. 

Studies shows that our Digital Economy is growing exponentially with a whopping $3.46 trillion spent online in 2019 only, was higher than general merchandise sale for the first time in history with an expected 17.9% year-over-year growth in global web sales.

Therefore giving ordinary person’s like you and I who wants to end the suffering, work on our dreams and create a life of fulfillment for ourselves and loved ones the opportunity to build our own successful online businesses

The Digital Economy has made it easier for the average person with no business experience to become an entrepreneur.

With two of the most profitable online business models like: Affiliate Marketing and E- commerce, the average person who is driven to create his/her best life and is willing to learn something new and put in some time and effort and will definitely be able to create successful online businesses. 

Because, it’s really about learning how to sell and market products and services online which is no different from anything you learned and implemented in your life. And, once you learn the basic, all you have to do is raise and repeat. 
Because deep down you know if you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to achieve it, because you know it will be all worth it! 

Please feel free to send me an email or leave me a comment, to let me know how this article as help to inspire or motivate you.

Signed with Love

Naomi Wilson

Self-awareness Enthusiast & Marketing Strategies