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Dedicated to YOU the WOMAN who dream of  escaping to a life filled with doing the things you love, the freedom of how you  can spends your time; and the JOY and FULFILLMENT you will feel knowing that you are able to spend quality time with her LOVED ones…


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I truly believe the woman who is really driven to create her best life should own her online business and will give herself permission to do so, knowing that only she has the power to Grant it!

naomi wilson

Hi there, welcome it's wonderful to have you here!

I am Naomi a Devoted Mom who was sick and tired of being a rat-race slave on a hammer wheel, living a life of misery, unfulfilled and going down a path that would only leads to regrets. Until finally one day I  decided to challenge the status quo and create a lifestyle and business  I truly LOVE. I became an Online Business Strategies, now I am Passionate about what I do because I am fulfilling my purpose of helping Driven person’s like you to tap into your potential and Create a life and business where you can’t wait to get out of bed to enjoy.  

Most of us live the life we think we have to live. We are unfulfilled, overworked, stressed and stuck in a system that exploits us instead of helping us achieve our highest potential. We get the education we think we need to get the job society says we should want. Unfortunately, most of us lack the life skills required to be self- made and self-reliant. My vision is to help wake you up and realize the tremendous potential that lies within you. And further, to show you how to harness and exploit this potential in the new, digital economy. In doing so, you will transition from reliance on your current job or occupation to a life of freedom, self-reliance, and total control. You will do good in the world by creating wealth and abundance not only for yourself, but also for your communities and those around them.
And, that’s the life we all deserve to life!

why an online business?

Studies shows that 85% of people who work a traditional 9-5 job actually hate it & and this is the number one reason why many people suffer in their health, family, relationships and even their own happiness!

And, If you are one of 95% of women who bust her chops everyday in an unfulfilling job building someone else dreams

The following have probably cross your mind even more than you would like to admit:

  • “Why does life have to be such a hustle?”
  • “My children are growing up so fast, but, I am able the quality time I want with them and be the Mom they deserve, because I have to earn.” 
  • “My life, my dreams feels like they are slipping away and it seems like there’s nothing I can do about it”.
  • “There’s got to be more to life than this? Is this what I will spend my life doing?”

Building your Online Business gives you the Perfect Opportunity to Live your Dreams

Probably you’re starting to realize that you’ve choose a career and, a job that wasn’t your decision but, the one your parents or society choose for you.
Now you are having regrets because you are not living your life but, someone else.

And you are sick and tired of feeling negative about life.

  • Now with an online business you have the opportunity to turn your life around. 
  • Because you can use your gifts and talent and build a business around on the things you truly love and earn multiple streams of income.
  • And, to a entrepreneur like a passion base business.

The Opportunity to Use Our Proven System

  • You get to use and  leverage our systems, tools and proven strategies therefore, you don’t have to do the major ground-work to get your business up and running.  
  • Three online On-Demand Workshops walking you through the steps to creating a profitable online business from scratch.
  • Demonstration of two extremely lucrative opportunities that are sweeping the online business world.
  • Step by step guide to finding red-hot, in-demand products to sell in virtually any niche that interests you.
  • Free bonuses including: Special invitation to our next streaming Masterclass, walking you through the EXACT steps you need to take in order to make your first 10 sales online.

Meet Your Trainer



Stuart is a catalyst for change and a strategist for online success. Using his own proven business accomplishments as a template, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and providing marketing platforms to students like you and I who are serious about making the transition to living life on our own terms, allowing us the opportunity to create positive results that improve their lifestyles, dramatically.

Stuart started his journey into the digital and entrepreneurial world with nothing more than perseverance, a laptop and a dream. To date, he have created a multi-million dollar lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that he absolutely LOVE. His driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way.

The reason we call him The Freedom Entrepreneur is because he refused to accept the constraints of traditional employment. Having successfully found a better route, he committed to showing others how to live life on our own terms too.

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