Top 6 Most Successful Home-Based Business Ideas You Can Start In 2020 and Why?


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Well done! on taking your first step to creating your home- based business. Building an Online Home-Based Business is the best decision you ever make. With the current Digital Economy, that is rapidly growing and providing incredibly lucrative ways to earn smart passive and residual income online.
there has never been a better time in history to make that decision than now.

What is a Online Home-Based Business?

This is a small business that operates from the business owner’s home with a wide variety of the different types of online home businesses you can start.
The prospect of building an Online Home-Based Business has gained credibility over the years, with more persons answering to the need of creating family life work balance and also the need to build their dreams not someone else.

Studies shows that there are 4.45 Billion people online but, only 0.01% sells online so, 99.99% are spenders with numbers like this; there are massive opportunities available for person’s who wants to create a better life for themselves and their families by doing something you love, from the comfort of your own home, without having to sacrifice quality time away from your loved ones and the things that matter the most to you, unlike a traditional 9-5.

What most don’t realize is… how do you actually go about taking advantage of this change in a world where you build a business from home and leverage technology to live a better life?

In this article you will understand how you can get started and what are some  of the home businesses you can start and, why starting an home-based business is the best decision you ever make, if you genuinely want the lifestyle, the fulfillment, and the personal choices  this professional path has to offer. 

  • Affiliate Marketing – This is  helping other businesses and brand promote and sell their products or services and for each sale you make you get paid a commission. This is one of the best ways to get started because don’t have to do the major ground work to get up and running. Which also can be very profitable because most major businesses and brands does it,  with various high tickets offer.
  • Blogging or Vlogging – This is an online journal or informational website where you write about the things that you are interested in (eg. food, fashion, skincare, politics, online business, etc). Vlogging is the video version of blogging where you do short videos talking about  your interest or passion and post them to your online home eg. your YouTube channel, your Facebook page or your Website, etc.
    Examples of how you can earn an income doing this: Affiliate Marketing, Selling advertising space to google and other advertising agency.
  • Copy-writing – This heart of writing is unique text content for marketing purposes that is sell to an individuals or organization. A copywriter is person who writes the words that get people motivated to take some kind of take action (salesmanship in print) This can be a very profitable and lucrative skill. Copywriters are always in high demand because of the unique nature of the skill, therefore it’s very easy to build your own brand and business around this art and can also team up with other copywriters and advertising agencies.
  • Course Creator – Businesses exist for one reason only and, that is… to solve problems.  
    So,  if you are someone who have through and overcome a particular problem, you best believe someone else in going through the same thing or similar and is most likely looking for a solution. Therefore all this experience, skill and knowledge gain you now can put it together in a course and help other people solve their problems. 
    This can be in any  niche area, video editing, dating, skincare, healthy eating, exercise, real estate, you name and there’s someone looking for it.
  • Personal Coaching – This is when an experienced person, support a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. 
    This is a really great way to use the skills, talents and knowledge that you already have because you don’t have to be an expert to create value for others. 
    This is similar to a course creator but more on a one-one-one basic
  • E-commerce – This is when you sell tangle products on places like: Amazon; this model requires the entrepreneur to buy as many products as they like ship it to Amazon fulfillment warehouse. When a customer purchase your product, it get sent out by Amazon and then you get paid – simple. Other E-commerce are: Shopify, Woo-commerce, etc.

Why you should Build an Home-Based Business?

I truly believe that the woman who is really driven to create her best possible life should run her own online home business therefore having full control of what she does and how she lives her life. 

Too often; so, many talented and super motivated women are still selling their time for money, feel trapped in the traditional system in which society tells her to live her life.

The painful truth is that you sign up for this life unknowingly because you don’t have enough context when you make these decisions at a younger age. Therefore choosing a career and a job you didn’t really want.
You waste hours everyday commuting, busting your chops building someone else dream, instead of your own dreams and your live.

You feel trapped in your job and your life, it feels like everything is out of your control because, you are not living the life always dreamed of. Over time, you become extremely unfulfilled, and begin to regret that you did nothing about it a the right time. Are you willing to accept a life of regrets?

How to Start an Home-Based Business?

Maybe a better question to ask is, Do you believe you deserve to live the way you want?

Because the opportunity to create the life you want is literally at your fingertips – The current digital economy we are living in as make it easier for ordinary women like you I to build a successful home-based business without having previous business knowledge tech or entrepreneurial skills 

Building an home-based business is pretty similar to anything you have learned and achieve in your life. Learn the basic and practice to get better.

To get started the main things you will need are:

  • Firstly your determination to create the life you want to live your dreams and your willingness to learn something new and implement it.

  • The right training get free instant access to our 4 days of on- demand training to get started.

  • A business plan (already done for you) when you access our proven system you get to leverage all our tools.

  • Something to sell (also so done for you) with our all-in-one package you get full access to our products and services.

  • A Website comes with our all-in-one package.

  • Someone to sell to we teach how to market so you can attract the right to persons that are looking for your offers.

Best Decision you ever make!

With an Online Home-Based Business you can build a business around the things you love and is passionate about.

You get to invest in yourself, learn new skills work on your dreams and, live your full potential. Which allows you to achieve a positive state of being.
You are in full control of your life, you get to decide how you spend your time, and do whatever you want whenever you want.

And, with over 2.5 trillion per year being spent in retail purchases online you are literally building your empire not someone else. 

You can leverage the power of the internet and scale your online home-based business to earn multiple streams of income without sacrificing your life, your dreams or those of your loved ones.

Now! Do you believe this is the life you deserve to live?

Please feel free to send me an email or leave me a comment, to let me know how this article as help to inspire or motivate you.

Signed with Love

Naomi Wilson

Self-awareness Enthusiast & Marketing Strategies